cinrj is active in start-up world with two promessing products : cineven and KDO-Roulette.


cinrj is providing with high level consulting in software developpement. Backed-up by more than 20 years of activity in software domains, we are glad to help to build front-end, back-end and services in many language and platforms (C#, Javascript, Jquery ...). From coding to managing your project, you can trust our organisation in all operations you are willing to delegate.


cinrj is also experienced with product management and consulting methods. We are expert in finding blue oceans, in building business canvas, in tracking the more usefull use cases, in placing in the center of everything the delightment that your customers deserve. Choosing cinrj is acchieveing the first step in the road to your success


More looking for management, change management, crisis management or simply wanting to transfer responsabilities to a solid organisation. cinrj is aimed to follow you up in securing all aspects of your business.

Our Services

  • Software consulting
  • Project Management
  • ERP
  • Product Management
  • Coaching
  • Blue ocean strategy coaching
  • Business canva coaching
  • Agile methodology
  • Solution provider

Our Expertise

A team of experts in their respective domains, experienced and professionals. Up to date and trained, skilled, operationnals. Our goal: to provide you with the best consulting services at the most optimised cost.

Remember, 1+1=3!

Our Quality

None of our customers can complain today about our quality delivery rate. Ask for some CV you'll be surprised to see how much our customers are trusting us.